By evaluating our impact and continually reviewing and improving our practice, we strive for the best outcomes for our members and their communities

Reporting on impact

Our members produce their own impact reports, detailing the specific work and priorities of the areas they serve. UKCF is currently working on new and ambitious ways to measure the impact of the whole network. In the meantime, the following are extracts from the report, The Value and Impact of the UK Community Foundation network, published by Dr Catherine Walker of The Researchery in July 2020

Man holding a goatAbberton Rural Training, supported by the Essex Community Foundation

The vast majority of Community Foundations conduct needs analyses of their local area, and most include community input mechanisms; Community Foundations have successfully built endowments to ensure sustainability of local funding, and can pool and match funding to meet needs more efficiently. Community foundations are aware of their local VCS landscape and can target funding effectively.

UK Community Foundations often have an unrivalled knowledge of and relationship with their local voluntary and community sector, and many are proactive and innovative in supporting their local VCS. The evidence collected here shows that: Community foundations have a wide variety of ways in which they support the local voluntary and community sector, including providing core cost funding, running small charities fora, providing funding workshops and helplines for potential grantees, capacity building work, improving collaboration, brokering volunteers, offering business support and social investment for startups.

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We work in partnership with the Charity Commission to revitalise trusts which have been identified as inactive or dormant, and we help trustees to ensure that available funds reach good causes LEARN MORE

Corporate partnerships

We work with businesses, locally and nationally, who want to give back to the communities they serve. Our members have a unique understanding of local needs and offer an easy, effective and transparent way for businesses to invest in their communities with maximum impact LEARN MORE

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Local philanthropy is vital to thriving communities and is at the heart of what we do, so we can provide funding to those who need it in the future. Our members connect people who care about their community to the causes that most need their support LEARN MORE