Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we get asked a lot with some useful information and guidance.

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How do you get funding for a project?

Community foundations help community groups and charities in the local community to carry out activities they care about by providing funding for a variety of projects.  These activities might include working to eradicate poverty and hunger, improve mental health, sports activities, support groups, culture and the arts, advice services, environmental activities, and many other initiatives that are essential to any community. 

To apply for funding from a community foundation, whether on behalf of a group or an individual, you will need to look at the current funds available at your local community foundation.

Be sure that your requirement is suited to the criteria detailed in the fund you are applying to and when filling out the application from, be as specific as possible with how your requirement is suited to the fund.

Community foundations are very approachable and often provide guidance and information events to engage local organisations and support you through the application process.