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We are a national network of community foundations, bringing together people and organisations that want to improve their communities.

A place-based approach

The community foundation model is placed-based. This means that grants are distributed according to the particular needs of the local area or region in which the funder is based. Place-based funding works on the principles of community engagement and collaboration. Its success as a model depends on long-term partnerships, relationship building and being able to leverage local philanthropy to address local problems. Over time community foundations have developed an expert understanding of the issues in an area and how best to deliver funding to tackle them.

They do this by:

  • Encouraging local philanthropy
  • Researching and understanding local need
  • Strengthening the local voluntary and community sector
  • Convening community resources

For community foundations no place or neighbourhood is “forgotten” or “left behind”. Their understanding of need isn’t shaped by stereotypes, preconceptions, or assumptions about a locality, rather it is shaped by decades of listening, learning, and living in the places that they operate.

‘Place’ might be the flavour of the month however for community foundations ‘place’ has been the very essence of what we do over the decades. We will always trust local people to find the solutions to local problems

Rosemary Macdonald, CEO, UK Community Foundations

Woman standing checking baby suppliesStripey Stork, supported by the Community Foundation for Surrey

Our national reach

We now have 47 accredited members who have completed our rigorous quality assurance process and, between them, serve every community in the UK. Our members vary in size – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland each have a single community foundation, many community foundations have a county boundary and others serve a smaller, defined metropolitan area. What they all have in common is a deep understanding of the places they serve and a commitment to making them better places for everyone to live, work and thrive.


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Working for UKCF

UKCF is a fully remote-working organisation with staff based across the UK, embedded in the communities we serve, currently stretching from Devon to North Yorkshire. Each member of the team can be fully home-based, work from the office of their nearest community foundation, or combine the two approaches according to their situation and preference. We get together for regular team days and make good use of online tools and channels, for both formal meetings and informal catch-ups, to ensure that we all stay in touch and work effectively together.


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lightbulb with a small sapling insideHeadstart Kernow, supported by Cornwall Community Foundation
Group of men standing at the edge of a river bankOuse and Adur Rivers Trust, supported by Sussex Community Foundation (Picture: Darren Cool)


UKCF completed a governance review in 2020 which resulted in new articles of association. These enshrine the role of independent trustees while retaining a majority of elected member representatives on our board. Our Nominations Committee oversees the recruitment of independent trustees.


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Our commitments

We are committed to building a just and fair society. As part of our approach to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion we are proud to support several cross-sector initiatives


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Our Impact

The collective impact of our network has always been very significant and our endowed funds now stand at £700million

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Working with donors

Community foundations work with individuals and families, businesses, local and national government and partner trusts and foundations to ensure that vital funds reach every corner of the UK

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Annual reports

Read our annual reports and accounts to find out more about the work of UK Community Foundations and our support for our membership and our network’s impact across the UK

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