Connecting businesses with communities across the UK

We help businesses to achieve Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) objectives by connecting you with community groups and projects which are making a real difference around the UK.


Creating effective partnerships for local good

Community foundations work locally with businesses who want to give back to their region and support the communities of their employees and customers. With their extensive networks and local knowledge, community foundations can help you to identify and support charities and community projects that you might not otherwise have discovered. 

Our members can help you to identify the social issues that are most important to the communities you work with and most relevant to your business. They will help you to ensure that the most effective groups and projects are put forward for funding and arrange visits to these groups to inspire and engage your employees and stakeholders. 

choir singingSquare Pegs Singers, supported by the Kent Community Foundation

Finding the right fit for you

Businesses which wish to make a long-term commitment to their community can set up a named fund through their local community foundation. This is like setting up a charitable trust, but at much lower cost.

Named funds are tailored to support the area or causes that matter most to you and your staff. Community foundations handle all the administration, and your organisation receives full recognition for all grants and donations made.

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Why partner with UK Community Foundations?

Making a local difference on a national scale

At UKCF, we work with corporations at a national level, supporting those who wish to reach multiple areas of the UK.  We take time to understand the impact you are seeking to have and any specific groups you would like to support.  We will work with you to develop a funding programme which aligns with your objectives. 

Many corporate partners provide flow-through funding where community foundations use the donation to create a specific project fund or grant programme and pass on the resources to charitable organisations or projects in their area. Alternatively, you might choose to make a core cost  contribution to enable community foundations and local charities to increase their impact across the whole of their geographical area.

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Woman sat with back to camera and other woman blurred out sat on sofaDorchester Trust for Counselling and Psychotherapy, supported by Dorset Community Foundation

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Want your support to reach multiple areas of the UK?

While our members support their local regions, UKCF takes this work to a national level. We will work with you to understand the impact you are seeking to have and how to best tackle important issues. Contact us to see how we can support you.