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With a network that reaches every corner of the UK, we are uniquely placed to work both with partners who want to fund nationwide programmes and those who wish to work in one or more specific areas.

Making a difference together 

We collaborate with different government departments, local authorities, businesses, trusts and foundations and individual philanthropists.  Like us, our partners share a commitment to developing thriving communities and supporting the community and grassroots organisations who provide the greatest impact in their local areas.

Community foundations deliver UKCF-managed programmes, using their deep understanding of their regions and their extensive networks to tailor their activity to the local context.  At UKCF, we work with our national partners and members alike, providing direction and support throughout the process to ensure the ambitions of our partners are met and the social impact can be learned from and developed for future collaborations.


Why partner with UK Community Foundations?

30 Years

Over 30 years of

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A wide reach into local communities

National Reach

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Giving to UK Community Foundations

Community foundations distribute tens of millions of pounds each year, supporting good causes and grassroots organisations.  In 2023 alone, our network collectively distributed over £170.6 million in the form of over 40,800 grants to community organisations around the UK. 

By working with UKCF, our partners are able to choose the causes they care about and spread funds into either a targeted area of their choice, be lead by our knowledge of regional need, or pool funds with other partners into larger national programmes. 

As a membership organisation, we also work with partners to deliver their expertise and resources to our members and run events throughout the year that partners may sponsor.

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Trusts and foundations

We are pleased to collaborate with other foundations and charitable trusts who want to reach communities across the UK. 

We do this through partnership programmes that focus on specific causes or geographical areas. We also work with the Charity Commission to manage the Revitalising Trusts Programme, which involves transforming dormant trusts into live funds that can go back into community projects.

Our work with trusts and foundations


Interested in helping communities to thrive?

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Government collaborations

We have a long and trusted history working with the UK Government, addressing various issues around the nation. Learn more

Disaster Response

Community foundations are there for communities in times of disaster. Learn more

Sharing our data

We are publishing our data on 360Giving in our commitment to sharing transparent data. Learn more