Over time community foundations have developed an expert understanding of the issues in their area and how best to deliver funding to tackle them

How do community foundations work?

By encouraging local philanthropy: community foundations actively attract local donors committed to funding local Voluntary and Community Sector Organisations (VCSOs) and deepen this commitment connecting them to and involving them with the funding process

Group smiling at cameraEmmaus Dover, supported by the Kent Community Foundation

By undertaking need analyses: community foundations use a combination of localised data and active consultation with VCSOs to have a robust understanding of community need

By strengthening the local voluntary and community sector: many community foundations either fund infrastructure support to the sector or have staff devoted to these roles, enabling VCSOs to develop leadership and access institutional funding

By convening community resources: community foundations regularly bring together local VCSOs who tackle similar areas of need to share insights and best practice, encourage collaboration, and provide the essential space these groups need for peer support.

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For community foundations, no place or neighbourhood is “forgotten” or “left behind”. Their understanding of need isn’t shaped by stereotypes, preconceptions, or assumptions about a locality, rather it is shaped by decades of listening, learning, and living in the places that they operate.

Woman holding a cake smiling at camera next to a food mixerThe Wren Bakcery, supported by Leeds Community Foundation

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We work in partnership with the Charity Commission to revitalise trusts which have been identified as inactive or dormant, and we help trustees to ensure that available funds reach good causes LEARN MORE

Corporate partnerships

We work with businesses, locally and nationally, who want to give back to the communities they serve. Our members have a unique understanding of local needs and offer an easy, effective and transparent way for businesses to invest in their communities with maximum impact LEARN MORE

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Local philanthropy is vital to thriving communities and is at the heart of what we do, so we can provide funding to those who need it in the future. Our members connect people who care about their community to the causes that most need their support LEARN MORE