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For over 30 years the UKCF network has distributed millions of pounds towards smaller, locally based organisations. Our network of 47 UK-based community foundations provides vital support to every postcode in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Over £170 million in grants distributed by community foundations in 2023

UK communities are determined to overcome the financial crisis and address the root causes of social inequity through local philanthropic action. Our latest report shows that the desire of communities to prevail through tough times has not faded.

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Collectively, our members are managing over £811 million in community-focused endowments

Our network of 47 community foundations managed over £811 million in community-focused endowments, being invested by communities for communities. This has risen by 14% since 2020, showing a drive for more sustainable support at a local level.

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Community foundations provide more accessible grant giving for smaller organisations

In 2023, over 40,000 grants were distributed to projects throughout the UK by our network. At £4,000 on average, these smaller grants are more accessible and achievable for grassroots organisations that often struggle to apply for and receive larger grants.


Read the Philanthropy 2023 report here


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We are a national network of community foundations, bringing together people and organisations that want to improve their communities. You can find a team member specifically to speak with or use our contact form for general enquiries.