World Health Day 2017

Today is World Health Day – and this year’s campaign will tackle depression.

Today is World Health Day – and this year’s campaign will tackle depression.

Depression is the leading cause of ill health worldwide. According to the latest estimates from WHO, more than 300 million people worldwide are now living with depression. In the UK, almost a fifth of all adults are suffering with depression or anxiety.

Good timely medical care is vital to treat depression – as well as interacting with your local community and knowing that you have someone to talk to. That’s why Community Foundations up and down the country are supporting local projects that help those suffering from depression.

Mental health projects in Leeds receives £380k boost from ASDA Foundation

The Leeds Fund, which is supported by Leeds-born TV personality Patron, Gabby Logan, supports projects that deal with mental health issues in the city. The fund, run by Leeds Community Foundation, has many supporters including the ASDA Foundation – which has given a total of £380,000 to support innovative mental health projects.

All of the funded projects have been developed by people with lived experience of mental health issues and the community groups that work with them, meaning they are tailored directly to the needs of local people and can make the greatest impact.

One of the projects is HYPE (Helping Young People through Experience) – a voice and influence group for young people aged between 11 and 25 who are experiencing suicidal thoughts, harassment, bullying or isolation.

Brighter Berkshire: a campaign for better mental health support

Berkshire Community Foundation is working with BBC Radio Berkshire and the local Healthwatch on ‘Brighter Berkshire’. The initiative aims to raise the profile of mental health locally; challenge the stigma associated with depression; and to improve the support, opportunities and choices available to people who need it.

Nicky Jerome was Labour’s only Councillor in Wokingham until March 2016, when she decided to step down due to mental health issues. After more than a year of battling with anxiety and depression, the mother-of-two at the time said: ‘Just over a year ago I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I have been receiving therapy since then and trying to keep on top of everything’. Nicky is now one of the leaders involved in supporting the Brighter Berkshire initiative.

Theresa May PM endorses Brighter Berkshire

The Prime Minister has shared her support for Brighter Berkshire, and highlighted the importance of extending mental health support: “I am very happy to endorse the campaign…I think it is important that we continue to raise awareness of the issues around mental health.

“There is more for us to do on mental health – I’ve already set out steps we want to take but I commend all those who are working to raise awareness of the issue of mental health and support to those with mental health problems.”

Watch the video here.

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