CEO, Rosemary Macdonald BEM, is departing UKCF

Rosemary Macdonald BEM, is departing UKCF after four years in post

Rosemary Macdonald BEM has been CEO of UK Community Foundations (UKCF) since March 2020, having previously been a UKCF trustee and Vice-Chair while serving as CEO of Wiltshire Community Foundation for twelve years.

Rosemary will be departing UKCF on 31st May 2024.

Rosemary’s appointment at UKCF will be marked by her dedication in ensuring the delivery of the amazing grant funding of some £83 million across the whole network during the grey days of the pandemic.

Rosemary’s work demonstrated her passion for supporting communities across the UK.

That passion and dedication showed itself again more recently with the launch of the Care Leavers Programme in April 2024, which Rosemary had prepared in partnership with CCLA. The Care Leavers Programme will be life changing for many in our communities.

With her tenure as CEO at both UKCF and Wiltshire Community Foundation, Rosemary has had a large-scale positive impact on the network and will be missed by her colleagues in the UKCF team, across the network, by our funding partners and other external stakeholders.

On behalf of the network of 47 community foundations, UKCF thanks Rosemary for all that she has achieved and wishes her good health and much happiness for the future.

UKCF will now commence the search for a new, permanent CEO, with a role to go live externally soon. In the interim, UKCF’s Deputy CEO and Director of Strategy, Ben Robinson, and Chief Operating Officer, Kaveed Ali, will jointly share responsibilities as co-CEOs.

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