Prospectus: the value of motivating candidates and diversifying networks

Take a look at Prospectus' philanthropy reflections from our Together 23 conference

Prospectus was delighted to be a part of the two-day UKCF Together 23 Conference. The event saw conversations of why philanthropy is important in modern society and why it should be core to the work of community foundations, as well as the future of society.

With incredible speakers including Professor Beth Breeze, Director of the University of Kent Centre for Philanthropy, Rosemary Macdonald, CEO of UK Community Foundations, Kate Markey, CEO of The London Community Foundation and many more, the conference tackled a range of topics, from transforming philanthropy to the value and need for philanthropic advice.

The conference was highly engaging with lots of compelling stories from different community foundations about both the successes and challenges of philanthropic relationships. With questions and panel engagement throughout the sessions, it was great to see how the community foundations collaborated together and shared experiences.

With tangible outcomes such as strategies of how to be forward thinking with philanthropic relationships and diversifying these networks, as well as the impact of issues such as the cost of living and climate crises that will affect philanthropic giving and community foundation support in their localities. As part of this, Prospectus focused on philanthropy fundraising recruitment and shared tactics and techniques with the community foundation audience.

As part of these conversations, members of the Prospectus Fundraising Recruitment Team - Ryan Burdock, Director of Fundraising, and Rhiannon Mehta, Team Leader of Fundraising - delivered a workshop on ‘Talent and Philanthropy’. The sessions focused on trends today and those that may impact recruitment in the future.

The main question that drove the session was:

What would you do if your most successful philanthropy fundraiser resigned tomorrow?

The session offered candidate motivation trends in the philanthropy fundraising space and how community foundations can position themselves in a competitive recruitment market. With key candidate motivations including commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, through to wanting to feel engaged with an organisation’s motivations and ambitions, the discussion focused on how to be creative and transparent within recruitment processes.  

Overall, the conference was a hugely engaging and unique opportunity to tackle the challenges of local giving, support and philanthropy in an ever-changing philanthropy climate. UKCF and the Together 23 conference speakers truly brought impactful collaboration over the two days and Prospectus was delighted to be a part of this! 

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