Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we get asked a lot with some useful information and guidance.

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Why do people donate to charity?

People donate to charity for a number of reasons.   

Perhaps the cause is something that they relate to or have experience in or it represents their values.  Some people donate to charity to give something back - for example, if they have been reliant on charitable giving in the past or feel grateful for their fortunate circumstances and wish to benefit others through philanthropy. 

Some high-net-worth individuals regularly give to charity as a part of their philanthropic endeavours and some businesses give to charity as part of their corporate social responsibility policies. 

Whatever your reason for donating to charity, there are many people who rely on your generosity.  Donating to a community foundation enables you to build trusted partnerships within your community, make an impactful difference to those around you, reach those who need it the most, and deliver social change for the better. 

You can start a conversation today about setting up a fund or donating to a cause you care about by contacting your local community foundation.

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