We have now combined our newsletters into one ‘UKCF Weekly Update’, which includes UKCF news and updates, network stories, and sector news and insights.

If you have any new starters you can either sign them up, direct them to this page or email our Communications Assistant, Lydia Cerguera.

If you wish to be removed, please scroll to the very end of the last email you received and click ‘Unsubscribe’. All of our mailings are intended solely for individuals in the network.

Because Dotdigital is a mass mailing software, often UKCF emails sent via Dotdigital will end up in the ‘Other’ or ‘Junk’ section of your inbox.

You can fix this by following these steps:

  1. Go in to the ‘Other’ section of your inbox
  2. Right click the email you want to divert to the ‘Focused’ section
  3. Click ‘Always Move to Focused’


To update UKCF with new members of staff so that we can ensure information is shared effectively, please download this Contact Sheet Template or edit your existing template, and email it to