Quality Accreditation

Quality Accreditation is a tool to independently assess Community Foundations against agreed standards every three years. First introduced in 2007, we are now on our fourth round of accreditation.

QA4 resources

QA4 is comprised of 11 core standards, which fall into four different categories. Click the links below to view resources for each category.

Strategy, Governance, Definitions & Risk (1-4)

Financial & Information Management (5-6)

Philanthropy Services: Donor Management & Grant making (7-10)

Organisational & Network Development (11)

Why do we do Quality Accreditation?

QA is an initiative that was developed and supported by all members because it:

1. Provides protection for the “Community Foundation” brand as Community Foundations with significant weaknesses should be identified and supported as appropriate.

2. It enables regional and national collective working by evidencing through a “once every three year” due diligence exercise, confirming that members have the capacity and capability to deliver.

3. It enables UKCF to plan development for the network based on identifying examples of excellent practice as well as addressing common issues and challenges.