Quality accreditation

Quality Accreditation is a tool to independently assess community foundations against agreed standards every three years. First introduced in 2007, we are now on our fifth round of accreditation.


QA is an initiative that was developed and supported by all members because it:

  • Ensures that community foundations have robust, comprehensive and ethically aligned organisations policies and procedures and provide protection for the “community foundation” brand
  • Ensure that community foundations have confidence that the whole network is operating to a minimum level of quality through a collective due diligence exercise that confirms members as having the capacity to deliver grants and programmes on a national level
  • Develops and improves the network, enabling the sharing of best practice, providing UKCF with a basis to support community foundations in areas of weakness and ensuring that community foundations keep up with changing social priorities, compliance requirements and technological innovation
  • Encourages greater involvement of people across the organisation in developing the community foundation both internally and externally as a conduit for local philanthropy