Surviving Winter

In the winter of 2016-17, there were an estimated 34,300 excess deaths as a result of the cold winterSurviving Winter is a campaign to help vulnerable people stay warm over the winter period.

Since November 2011, UK Community Foundations has raised £5.5 million to reach over 80,000 people who may not be able to heat their homes. Community Foundations are raising their own funds to help people in their local communities, as well as receiving grants from the UK-wide campaign.

Dorset Community Foundation’s Surviving Winter Appeal

Millions of households in the UK live in fuel poverty, which is linked to health issues such as cardiovascular problems and depressionand increases the likelihood of social isolation. In Dorset, a shocking 920 people died from cold weather deaths in 2014-15. These are unnecessary deaths – yet staying warm is a struggle for many households.

Nobody should have to choose between heating or eating. Since launching their Surviving Winter appeal in 2010, Dorset Community Foundation have raised £120,000 to help keep vulnerable people warm over winter.

Last year, the appeal raised almost £20,000 to help over 200 households in Dorset, providing hot meals; blankets; boiler repairs; and hot water bottles. Keeping warm means vulnerable people no longer have “wear my coat indoors to keep warm”, as one Dorset resident said. With the help of Surviving Winter, those in fuel poverty no longer have to face winter alone.

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Choosing between heating your house, or eating a meal is a choice we shouldn’t have to make. But it’s a reality faced by the millions of people in the UK living in fuel poverty. Donate to the Surviving Winter appeal to help keep vulnerable people warm over winter.

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