Winter Flood Recovery Appeal

The winter floods in late 2015 to early 2016 impacted the lives of many communities across the UK.

A series of storms and record levels of rainfall caused disruption to areas such as Cumbria, Dumfries and Galloway, Greater Manchester, Leeds and North Wales. Eight Community foundations across the UK have raised over £14.5m to help the communities worst affected by the flooding.

Community Foundation for Lancashire Flood Appeal

In Yorkshire and Lancashire, the floods hit at the worst possible time of the year – Christmas. What is usually a day of celebration and joy was ruined for thousands of people who were forced to spend Christmas not in their homes; but in temporary shelters. Instead of opening new gifts, families were forced to salvage their belongings from their flooded homes.

Power supplies were cut off. Businesses were forced to close. Homes were damaged. Along with the nation-wide Community Foundations Winter Flood Appeal, the Community Foundation for Lancashire launched an appeal for donations to help support the emergency response to the floods. Grants of £10,000 were awarded to help those in need.

The donations allowed clothing, shelter, food and childcare to be provided; ensuring people had a safe place to be in during the tumultuous Christmas period. Over 237 worst-hit households have been helped, with emergency repairs carried out, and damaged household items replaced. In the long term, community-led flood defences will also be funded. The united response of the local community through the appeal demonstrates that communities which come together can become resilient communities.

Appeals across the UK

Community foundations across the UK set up appeals to help areas devastated by the flooding. Read more about how the different appeals aided those in need.

Cumbria Community Foundation

Community Foundation for Calderdale

Somerset Community Foundation

Winter FloodS Appeal AND FUND Report (2016)

Click here to view and download the report on the Winter Flood Recovery Appeal and Fund.

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